Young Venezuelan socialist activists vow to defend Hugo Chavez’s Bolivarian revolution


Venezuela – SOCIALIST youth activists from Venezuela have told the second annual conference of Pan-Africanism Today held in the Tunisian capital, Tunis in recently that the country’s current  political situation arises from the United States’ ploy to massacre Hugo Chavez’s 2002 revolutionary gain.

Ana Maldonado from Venezuela’s Frente Francisco de Miranda told the delegates that 500 years was more than enough time for the capitalists to continue controlling the masses.

“Commandate [Hugo] Chavez who is still in my heart, he started working at a very young age. However, his powers, his beliefs, he carried them since 1972,” said Maldonado in trying to illustrate the connection between current Venezuelan President Nicholas Maduro and his late predecessor. “What is going on currently is just a massacre of what happened between 1977 and 1982.”

She said there was an attempt by neo-liberal interests to take Venezuela back to the pre-2002 coup period.

“They want to control our oil. We want to be sovereignties of our land again. We are trying to move forward, learning from this history. It is possible to form new political parties because the current ones are obsolete,” Maldonado said.  “We both share the same Bolivarian project. Maduro is following the same Bolivarian project that Chavez started. We cannot get to know about Venezuela if we get it from CNN or Tele Sur.”

Maldonado said what was happening in the Latin American nation was part of the United States of America’s exterior policy premised on an attack on the socialist state and the people.

“The opposition forces are the ones organising the protests from a racial point of view,” she explained. “The first men and women that died on the protests were people who were not participating in the protest or marches against the government. However, on the lines of the opposition there have been violent acts against individuals that have been targeted and labelled as ‘Chavistas’ just like [poor black youth] Orlando Figuere.”

She said the anti-government protests were being organised by ultra-right radical parties like Voluntad Popular, Primero Justicia and Vente Venezuela while the media plays a key role of promoting and creating a political narrative of victimisation of violent groups that participate in these protests.

“What the right wing offers us is just death and terror but we shall not stop fighting,” said Maldonado who was accompanied to the conference by Zuleima Vergel from Corriente Revolucionaria Bolivar y Zamora. “They want to ensure that the Chavez project comes to an end. Chavez showed us the way and now we have to continue and defend the revolutionary democracy.”

A delegate from Colombia said despite the devastating effects of a 53-year civil that pitted the government and the FARC and which ‘ended’ recently via a peace deal, socialist activists in that country have been sending armed forces into Venezuela to go and reinforce the Bolivarian revolution there.

“Colombia is one of the countries in Latin America where the neo-liberals have always been in power,” the female delegate said.


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