Haitian revolutionary demands reparation over ‘useless’ UN anti-cholera pledge


Haiti – A LEFTIST activist from Haiti has urged fellow progressives to continue working against neo-liberalism and capitalism so that its domineering of the masses is stopped.

In a brief presentation to the second annual conference on Pan-Africanism Today held in Tunisia recently, Camille Chalmers from PAPDA said it was regrettable that capitalist interests had forced the people to be under military occupation for several years.

“During these 13 years [of military occupation], they have committed many crimes against our people such as rape against men and women,” Chalmers said.

He said it was sad that a country that never knew the cholera disease lost 800,000 people from the waterborne disease.

“The resolution by the UN that they were taking care of the [cholera] issue was useless,” said Chalmers. “We are asking for reparation of justice. It is important that we really help these people.” 


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