Panamanian People marched against Corruption

                                                      Photo credit: Noriel Torres

Panamanian popular organizations marched last October 5 against corruption and impunity. Over one thousand people took to the streets to express the general discontent that there is in the country due to the crimes committed by every government in the last 28 years, and for going against the better interest of the majority.

The mobilization started in Porras Square and ended in the Palace of the Supreme Court of Justice, where social movements energetically shouted slogans in support of the Panamanian people, chanted against the abuse suffered the peoples of Catalonia, Mexico and Puerto Rico by their own centralist governments and celebrated the 50th anniversary of the physical disapparition of the Heroic Guerrilla Commander Ernesto Che Guevara.

The organizations that showed their support were: the “January 9” Revolutionary Movement  (MR-9), the Independent Movement of National Refounding (MIREN), Citizens Pole; workers’ organizations Fuclat, Sitrafcorebgascelis,  and Suntrac; and youth organizations such as the Motherland group, the students’ movement Transformative Thought and Action (PAT), C.A.O.S. and other organizations.

Organizations of education workers, farmers, natives and women were also present.

The Panamanian social movements makes a call to the national unity around the Socialist Working Left. We have arrived to the conclusion that we need a change in the organs of the State and in the Constitution through a native and participative Constituent Assembly”.

The street actions will continue in Panama, until all corrupt politicians are in jail.

Source: ALBA TV / The Dawn News / October 6, 2017


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