Botswana Records Reduced Poverty Levels


By Staff Reporter

Botswana has recorded a reduction in poverty levels, according to that country’s recent survey.

The Multi Topic Household Survey (BMTHS) shows that poverty levels over the past five years (2009/10 to 2015/16) have declined.

The proportion of people living below the poverty datum line has dropped by 3%, from 19.3 to 16.3 % during the period. The proportion of those living in extreme poverty (below $1.90 a Day) has also reduced from 6.4 to 5.8 percent.

At district/sub-district level, Ngamiland West had the highest poverty incidence in 2009/10 while Kweneng West was the most affected in 2015/16.

The data further shows that more female headed households (55%) are affected by poverty compared to those headed by males at 45 %.

The largest share of consumption expenditure was allocated to transport (23.9%), followed by housing costs (17.8%) with food at 12.8%.

The purpose of the 2015/16 BMTHS was to provide a comprehensive set of household level indicators for poverty and the labour market such as the poverty incidence, employment and unemployment levels.

Information on the characteristics of the unemployed and poor will facilitate targeting of programmes, policy formulation, programming for National Development Plans and National Vision 2036. The survey results will further provide baseline indicators for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Africa 2063 Agenda.


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