University of Kinshasa students under siege by Kabila’s security


By Staff Reporter

The University of Kinshasa has been experiencing very intense tensions today.

This morning, the students arrived at the university with the objective of protesting against the payment rate set by the University.

In fact the officials are paid at a rate of $58 and yet the University sets a rate of $100 but based on what? They forget that these officials are our parents and it is thanks to them that we pay our academic fees. This is why the students wanted to protest against this.

Unfortunately, as we are in a state where freedom of expression is violated, the university has become a war zone with uniformed men everywhere, launching tear gas and firing bullets into the students’ homes.

What are the consequences? Several wounded, property losses and even arrests.

We deplore such behavior on the part of the university and the state in an academic environment. Leaders must know that we are in our rights to protest./friends of the congo




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