Neo-liberal conspiracy driving Ghana workers’ wages down – Socialist Forum


By Staff Reporter

The Socialist Forum of Ghana says the condition of labour in that country keep deteriorating as international and local capital conspire through neo-liberal economic policies to reap super profits and drive down wages.

In a statement to mark International Labour Day availed to signed by Yaw Appiah-Kubi, the working class situation in Ghana, the first independent sub-Saharan African country, was detrimental owing to a combination of factors.

“On the auspicious day of the 1st of May, the International Working People’s day, the Socialist Forum of Ghana wishes to salute working people for their labour which creates the material comforts required for the survival of the human race and society. We salute the men and women who labour to ensure that the wheel of progress of humankind grinds on,” the statement reads. “The conditions of labour in our country keeps deteriorating as international and local capital conspire through neo-liberal economic policies to reap super-profits and drive down wages.”

The SFG applauded the Ghanaian men and women who despite all adversities of low wages, poor working conditions and poor treatment, produce the food that was being consumed by the population, the electricity and water, construct houses for habitation, the roads and many other things that give human comfort.

“They (international and local capitalists) are increasingly destroying hard won gains of workers by making laws which are detrimental to the working people such as employers being given carte blanche to sack employees without any reason or explanations,” they stated. “On labour day, we call upon the Ghana TUC to stand up and be counted, they should ensure that the conditions of the working people are not only safeguarded in terms of better working conditions, but also adherence by employees to high labour standards, respect for the worker, judicious exploitation of our resources for the benefit of Ghanaians, the preservation of our environment and also the defense of our sovereignty.”

The SFG further expressed solidarity with workers all over the world and also called for an end to all wars triggered by the owners of capital for world domination but which are detrimental to the workers of the world.



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