Land should produce healthy food – MST 


By Staff Reporter

Land should play a social function of producing healthy food that doesn’t use poisons, according to Brazil’s Movement of Landless Rural Poor Workers.

In a statement announcing the third

National Agrarian Reform Fair, which kicked off in Sao Paulo on Thursday, the MST stated that the goal of the annual event was to bring the production of healthy food to Brazilian society.

“Beyond that, the fair aims to bring to the city the idea that the social function of the land is to produce food– not any food, but a healthy, agro-ecological food that does not use poisons and does not reproduce the relations of labour exploitation or of gender, of generation and of power,” the MST, which is opposed to the agricultural practices of agri-business monopolies through the promotion of agro-ecology farming practices, stated. “The goal of the fair is also to bring the discussion to society of the model of popular agriculture that the MST is building. This model is an alternative to agribusiness- often defended and propagated in the mainstream-that destroys the land, expels the peasants, exploits the workers and puts the table of all people poisoned food.”

More than 330 tonnes of food is expected to be sold and marketed in a public square while shows, debates and presentations of popular culture will be conducted as a way of reaching out to the people.



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