Kenyan investigators reveal $80m corruption scandal


    By Anne Soy

    Investigators in Kenya say they have uncovered a major corruption scandal involving at least US$80m.

    The Director of Public Prosecution has told the BBC some of the questionable transactions involve senior people in government.

    It’s the latest corruption scandal to be exposed in Kenya – and the second to hit the National Youth Service in three years.

    The department was created to train young people and solve the high unemployment rate in the country.

    But there are fears the people who have benefited most are those already sitting in positions of power and authority.

    The allegations include money laundering, payments to fictitious companies, sometimes twice for services not delivered, and bills submitted by departments that did not require the items ordered.

    The Director of Public Prosecution, Noordin Haji, told the BBC he plans to launch prosecutions against suspects once the probe is concluded.

    Another scandal three years ago cost the job of the cabinet secretary in charge. The new allegations involve 10 times the amount of money alleged to have been stolen then./BBC


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