Lesotho textile workers reject 7% salary hike    


By Staff Reporter


Textile industry workers in Lesotho have rejected a salary increment offer of seven per cent across a five-year period, but are instead demanding to be given a M200 (about US$16.04) wage hike immediately.


Workers from the mountain kingdom’s major economic activity told Newsday Zambia from Maseru that they were also unhappy with the Thom Thabane-led government’s delay in announcing the minimum wage for textile workers.


“The workers from the textile industry demanded M200. So, the employers want to offer 7% in five years,” one of the aggrieved workers said. “The textile workers just want the minister, Ms Keketso Rantso, to release a gazette of their minimum wages that was supposed to be released1st of April according to the law of Lesotho.”


They said the unions of employers which are collectively known as Lesotho Textile Association  (LTA) wants to dictate the manner in which wage hikes in the sector should be done.


“The unions of employers want to rob employees by giving them percentages while we made it clear that we want to talk about money not percentages,” they said further.  “So, the Minister has a problem to intervene.”


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