Most ‘educated’ town-dwellers vote poorly, says labour activist

Voters queue to cast their votes at a polling station in Gaberone, Botswana, Friday, Oct. 24, 2014. Electoral officials say that voting has begun without incident where analysts believe the ruling party will win despite growing discontent in urban areas. (AP Photo)

By Staff Reporter


A Botswana labour activist says the urban dwellers despite claiming to be ‘educated’ are the worst voters because the leadership choices they make are done with very little understanding of the class interests at play in their society.


Tambona Khuwa Jopi posted on his Facebook page on Wednesday, that most urban voters strangely campaign and even vote for their bosses, who paid them peanuts in the workplace, to be members of parliament, because they are ‘educated’ but not class conscious.


“A parliament of business people(Employers) will never pass a bill that addresses unemployment, end poverty or give workers their right to have a fair  share in the economy because this will be a threat to their mission to accumulate wealth through exploitation of workers and poor,” Jopi stated. “High unemployment rates mean surplus labour available to exploit, and it means cheap labor is available. That is why even the public sector resorted to cheap labour(ipelegeng, TS, green scorpion, special constables, temporary teachers, casuals etc). The private sector also have found a fertile ground, as we see most companies enjoying the habit of giving 1 month contracts to workers, no pension, no job security, low wages, long working hours etc.”


He alleged that most MPs are business people (Employers).


“…and workers are running behind them, even sponsoring them for their campaigns to parliament, from there these workers cry. What do you expect better in life if you elect your boss who pays you peanuts to be your MP?” Jopi asked. “The worst voters are urban voters who are ‘educated’ but fail to understand these issues of class interests. One of the business persons is contesting to be MP in 2019, and has a huge support from working people but his name is in the books of labour office for failure to pay workers at his security company. These workers go for months without pay and with no contracts.”


Jopi further said some members of parliament are running construction companies.


“Just visit their sites, o tla rothisa keledi.

These people claim to be friends with workers at political rallies but they are hynaes under sheep skin,” he observed. ”

All these business MPs have one common interest, to exploit labour for maximising profit.”



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