Newspaper staff defiant after shooting


Staff at a Maryland newspaper have published a Friday edition after a gunman killed five people and injured two more at the paper’s office.

“We are putting out a damn paper tomorrow,” tweeted Chase Cook, a Capital Gazette reporter. Staff worked in the car park to get the paper out.

The gunman, who fired through a glass door into the newsroom on Thursday with a shotgun, was arrested afterwards.

He has been charged with murder and has a bail hearing shortly.

A Capital Gazette reporter tweeted the charge sheet which showed that Jarrod Ramos was charged with five counts of first-degree murder.

The suspect is reported to have unsuccessfully sued the newspaper group in 2012 for defamation.

The paper tweeted the front page of their Friday edition as well as obituaries of their colleagues.

First reports of the shooting came at 14:40 local time on Thursday.

Journalists inside the building posted on social media as the gunman fired through the glass door of the office with a shotgun and shot at staff inside.

An intern at the paper, Anthony Messenger, tweeted as the attacker opened fire.

Fellow staff member Selene San Felice told CNN her first reaction to the shooting had been to lie down under her desk.

She tried to get out through a rear door but it was locked.

Crime reporter Phil Davis was also in the building and told The Baltimore Sun – part of the same media group as the Gazette – that he and his colleagues had hidden under their desks.

“I don’t know why he stopped [shooting],” he told the paper.

He described the scene as “like a war zone” and tweeted about his experiences as he waited to be interviewed by police./BBC


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