South Africa’s political alliance mobilises international socialism against U.S. triumphalism

By Staff Reporter
South Africa’s Alliance Political Council says it is analysing the balance of forces globally, especially the United States of America’s heightening right wing-led triumphalism offensive and its adverse consequences on the stability of the world economy.
The ANC-led alliance says it will use international socialism and the unity of leftist progressive forces to counter the U.S.A’s growing right wing triumphalism.
In a joint statement issued in the aftermath of the plenary session of the Alliance Political Council (APC) held at the African National Congress’ headquarters in Johannesburg recently, the APC reaffirmed the perspectives to drive “our National Democratic Revolution into a new trajectory for radical socio economic transformation”.
“The Alliance Political Council met for the first time after the ANC’s 54th National Conference from the 8th – 9th July 2018. The meeting reaffirmed the perspectives to drive our National Democratic Revolution into a new trajectory for radical socio economic transformation,” the statement signed by ANC spokesperson Pule Mabe read.
“The political council took place against the backdrop of events of much political significance in the country and the world. The revolutionary alliance headed by the ANC is part of the contingent of progressive forces to make the world a better place for humanity.”
Mabe stated that in this regard the meeting received a delegation from the Bolivarian Republic of Venuezela led by the Foreign Minister Cde Jorge Arreaza and the deputy minister for the African affairs Cde Pimentel Yuri.
“The meeting expressed solidarity with the people of Venezuela against the US led aggression which seeks to undermine her sovereignty,” he reported further. “The meeting agreed to foster relations with the socialist party of Venezuela and other progressives forces of the Latin America and the Caribbean region. The purpose is to foster our common efforts of solidarity and internationalism to bring the unity of the struggles of our two people.”
Mabe indicated that the unfolding discussions took place in a comradely atmosphere characterised by a robust, frank and honest assessment and evaluation of the state of the National Democratic Revolution.
“The meeting discussed a wide range of issues of far reaching political and socio – economic importance with the primary objective of consolidating the unity of our revolutionary Alliance at all levels,” Mabe stated. “The revolutionary alliance took cognisance of the balance of forces in the world and its influence on the direction and the pace of our Revolution.  This amongst others included the analysis of the heightening offensive by the USA led right wing triumphalism and its adverse consequences on the stability of the world economy.”
The Political Council, according to Mabe, further noted the necessity to strengthen South – South relations and with the other progressives forces in the world to restore the prosperity of the world economy to serve the needs of humanity.
“In this context the meeting reconfirmed the need to strengthen BRICS community of nations,” the statement read further. “The Council raised concerns about the socio-economic challenges confronting our country which include job losses and the rise in the cost of living. In this context the meeting resolved to do everything to cushion ordinary people against the impact of the deepening economic crisis, part of this will include a need to work with the economic cluster on finding ways to introduce relief measures against the VAT and fuel price increases.”
On the Cuban programme, the APC reports that the meeting received progress report with regard to the South Africa – Cuba Medical exchange programme – commonly known as the Cdes Castro Mandela Programme.
“The meeting was indeed encouraged by the completion of more than 700 medical students studying in Cuba and noted that they will be arriving in groups in the coming weeks. This historic and strategic programme stands to cement our long standing friendly relations between South Africa and the Republic of Cuba, whose contribution to our liberation struggle is unequalled,” Mabe stated. “The programme also stands to benefit the overwhelming majority of our people, particularly the urban and the rural poor.  Moving forward, it was agreed that the programme has to be taken to the higher levels through coordination by national government.  The meeting agreed to conduct an audit of all South African students on scholarship programmes throughout the world with a view to reassert their skill requisite and their contribution towards the improvement of the living conditions of our people.”
Members of the APC include the ruling ANC, SACP, COSATU and SANCO.


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