EU official mocks English football team


A smug European Commission boss has been slammed after posting a gloating tweet celebrating the EU after England lost in the World Cup semi-final on Wednesday night.

Martin Selmayr posted a series of football and European Union flags just seconds after the Three Lions’ devastating extra time defeat to Croatia – an EU member state.

He was slammed last night after posting a gloating tweet celebrating the EU after Croatia’s win.

But the 47-year-old German’s post was met with harsh criticism from across social media with one England fan writing: “I now know I was wrong to vote Remain.”

Another added: “A disgraceful tweet that absolutely epitomises why the UK is leaving the EU.”

And @SaulBennett78 wrote: “The EU doesn’t have a football team mate but there will always be an England.”

Tory MP Nadine Dorries posted: “The response from a ‘big’ player in the EU. Charming.”

Selmayr, who has been nicknamed ‘The Monster’ due to his iron grip on Brussels policymaking, is the secretary-General of the European Commission.

That makes him the bloc’s top civil servant which gives him sweeping powers over a range of issues including Brexit.

The Eurocrat was blamed for the Brexit dinner leak last year which plunged relations between Britain and the EU to new depths, and has been frequently criticised for his negative briefings.

He is notorious for his fanatical devotion to the ideology of European unification, and has also become infamous around the Berlaymont – the Commission’s headquarters – for being authoritarian, manipulative and untrustworthy, with few friends in politics/SunSport.


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