Brazil Joins Global Committee Against Zuckerberg, Facebook


Eight countries will make up the international committee who will hold Zuckerberg accountable.

Representatives from Brazil, Latvia, and Singapore will travel to London on November 27 to attend the joint hearing of Facebook director, Mark Zuckerberg over allegations of violation of data breach laws.

Foreign officials from eight countries will make up the international committee who will hold the social media company creator accountable for the abuse of privacy laws and information from over 2.13 billion users to sway national elections among other political issues.

Despite Facebook’s attempts to shield Zuckerberg from state courtrooms around the world, a damning report from the New York Times showed that following numerous security breaches, the company- rather than heighten security, hired a public relations firm to counter the flow of the competitions’ defamation.

Grand committee convenor and UK Communications and Social Media Chair, Damian Collins, said in a statement, “We believe that there are important issues to be discussed and that you are the appropriate person to answer them. Sunday’s New York Times article raises further questions about how recent data breaches were allegedly dealt with within Facebook.”

Earlier this month, Collin suggested Zuckerberg testified via live video, being unable to travel to London, saying, “We call on you … to take up your responsibility to Facebook users, and to speak in person to their elected representatives.”

Christopher Wylie, the former Cambridge Analytica whistleblower, reported in March that Canadian company AggregateIQ had developed the software that used the algorithms from the Facebook data to target Republican voters in the 2016 U.S. election.

The same tactic has allegedly been exercised in Australia, Africa, China, Mexico, and most recently in Brazil’s presidential elections where alt-right political groups circulated a steady flow of fake news.

Other international groups have taken advantage of Facebook’s partnership opportunities to spread racism, violence, and persecution in Myanmar, Thailand, and India, among others./teleSUR




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