Venezuela is Africa’s battle front against imperialism – Dr Musumali


By staff reporter

The Socialsit Party of Zambia has declared Venezuela as Africa’s battle front against imperialisnm and that the South American country is not for sale.

Socialist Party General Secreatry Dr Cosmas Musumali made the statement as a member of the co-ordinating committee of the General Assembly in Caracas on Saturday.

Dr Musumali said “the people of Venezuela, your struggle is also our struggle. For 500 years the African continent has suffered under imperialsm and capitalism, we know what suffering means”.

He stressed that it was unacceptable that in the 21st century imperialist powers still believed that the resources of a country should not belong to the people in the respective countries.

“Its unacceptable that you can actually do away with the people’s wish. People vote for a leader and you want to unconstitutionally throw away that leader? Its unacceptable that billions of dollars of a country’s wealth are being stolen while we are watching,” he said.

Dr Musumali said Venezuela was not going to be sold, emphasising that, “we are here to declare 100% committment to the Bolavarian revolution. If the revolution fails it means the entire hunmanity is going to fail”.

Dr Musumali is part of an 85 country member delegation attending the assembly in Caracas in solidarity with Venezuela. The meeting is running between the 24th to 27th February 2019.




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