‘Caracas International People’s Assembly energising to continue the struggles’


By Staff Reporter

The International People’s Assembly meeting in Caracas, Venezuela has observed that the Caracas gathering was energising with the delegates coming out more convinced than ever to continue the process of unifying their common struggles all over the world.

And the People’s Assembly Coordinating Committee has announced that March 16, 2019 had been declared an International day of struggle for peace in Venezeula and the cessation of the economic blockade.

According to the charter of the International Assembly of the People that gathered in Caracas, Venezuela from February 23-27 resolved to continue the process of building the anti-capitalist and anti-imperialist struggles as well as to extend solidarity to the Bolivarian revolution.

Altogether 500 people from 181 organizations of 87 countries and 5 continents (Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America and Oceania) met, debated, sang, chanted and experienced revolutionary solidarity in the common struggle to give hope to the people of the planet.

“We have been coming together over a three-year process to confront the historic challenge of unifying the struggles of the working class and peoples of the world. We are convinced that the unity of our anti-imperialist, anti-capitalist, anti-patriarchal and anti-racist struggles is the only way to achieve a better world for all,” the charter states.

The charter further states that during the past three years, the International Assembly of the People had been building political networking in different regions, facilitating dialogue amongst activists, organising regional conferences, setting up and running regional political education schools, discovering and reinforcing people that have the courage and the zeal to fight injustice everywhere in the world.

The People’s assembly observed that the most evident injustice today was the imperialist attack on Venezuela.

“In a project to restore the power of the oligarchy and plunder of the immense mineral resources of this beautiful, rich country; the Empire cannot bear the presence of a socialist-inspired revolution that intends to deliver the country’s wealth to the Venezuelan people; but they will never win,” the charter indicates. “That is why Venezuela was the place for the International Assembly of the People to celebrate and support the Bolivarian Revolution”.

The charter further outlines the significance of holding of the Assembly as an inspirational milestone in the process started three years ago.

“We will continue to work at regional, country and community levels. We will pay attention to the battle of ideas, the coordination of the struggles, to communication, mobilization and political education training with the only aspiration of giving tools, ideas, and strength to each and every person in the world who stands up against any injustice,” the charter states.

The original design of the Assembly was to bring together 1,500 representatives of diverse struggles in Caracas but following the increased aggression against Venezuela, a decision was taken to amend the design of the Assembly to a one of 500 persons with an explicit focus on solidarity for the Venezuela people.

And on March 16, the people’s assembly would mobilize the movements and organizations of the peoples in front of US embassies and consulates, or in other symbolic places of the imperialist and interventionist action that had been practiced by the Donald Trump government against sovereignty and self-determination of the Venezuelan people.

“In all the mobilizations organized by the peoples, we will support the sovereignty of the Venezuelan people, for peace and democracy in Venezuela and for a world without imperialism,” reads a statement. “We will organize mobilizations and activities to rescue the legacy of the commander Hugo Chávez and in solidarity with the Bolivarian Revolution, as on March 5, the date of Chavez’s sowing, on July 28, the date of his birth and also on the 13th April, in which the Venezuelan people have defeated the 2002 coup against President Chávez and the Venezuelan people”.

The Assembly resolved to be on alert to defend the Venezuelan Embassies and Consulates because they are territories of the Venezuelan people in respective countries, which in some countries had been attacked and beaten by right-wing and fascist forces.

They further resolved to promote actions of denunciation and boycott of companies involved in aggressions against the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.

On political articulation, the Assembly proposed to articulate issues at the local, national and international level with other progressive political forces, democrats and the left to organize the Committees for Peace in Venezuela, which would promote broad and unitary actions against US imperialist interventionism.

“We will continue to strengthen and promote regional spaces of movements and organizations of the peoples in defense of the Bolivarian Revolution, of its socialist and feminist character and also of the legacy of the commander Hugo Chávez,” reads the statement. “We will explore the possibilities of promoting an International Network of Jurists and lawyers that will take legal action against the aggressions against the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela”.

The revolutionaries further pledged to promote articulations with people and groups of intellectuals, religious, artists and culture workers that promote activities and processes for Peace in Venezuela.

“We will promote the articulation between political organizations with parliamentary or institutional representation to promote actions in the political and diplomatic spheres in defense of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, for Peace and for the accountability of those responsible for the interference against Venezuela,” its reads.

The Assembly committed to publicize and strengthen communication tools that allow communication of information and establish a common discursive line among progressive media to boost support for the Bolivarian Revolution.

The Assembly also pledged to promote and strengthen the Solidarity Brigades with Venezuela that contribute to the process of development, strengthening and defense of the sovereignty of the Venezuelan people.


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