Rise up and support the Bolivarian Revolution in Venezuela – pressure groups


By Staff Reporter

Two international revolutionary pressure groups  have called on the youths world over to raise their voice to support the Bolivarian revolution in Venezuela and stop the US$30 million worth economic blockade that has exerted extensive suffering on the people of that country.

Speaking in two separate statements released when they attended the General Assembly in Caracas this week, The International People’s Assembly and the Che Guaevera International Brigade have called on the imperialists government of the US and its allies to stop the economic blockade that has led to the suffering of the people of Venezuela.

They say Venezuela has the right to organize and defend its sovereignty, democracy and the right to their economic project of natural resources based on  its own sovereign criteria.

We have witnessed a historic moment in the crisis of capitalism which has intensified violence against young people all over the planet. The privatization of education is creating education systems at the service of the interests of accumulated capital which is exclusionary and does not help resolve the basic problems of the population’ reads the statements.

The two pressure groups have said the criminalization of marginalized youths increases repression while making it harder to construct and project a decent living of dignity and peace.

“We can see that imperialism is being invented in order to continue repressing and dispositioning the people of the world, an offensive in which Venezuela is currently at the epicenter. This generates a multi-dimensional war waged at an economic, psychological, communications and military level. They are trying to appropriate natural resources and destroy the revolutionary morale and identity that enabled the Chavist people to continue defending their rights and their sovereignty’ they say,” the groups stated.

“We call on the Strengthening  and the construction of International coordination for the Militant Youth, to stand on a position of anti-imperialist, anti-patriarchal, anti-colonialist, anti-neoliberal and anti-racist nature. We must return to the grass roots to organising,  politize, mobilize and organize people, especially the youths. We have to organize the working class, the youths, who are the group most affected by the imperialist offensive, and simultaneously the most dynamic demographic in class struggle’ they declared”.

They said in times of crisis, it is imperative to create tools to denounce the enemy’s project, and institute agitation and propaganda, creating new forms of communication through creative capacity.

“It is not enough to reject the project of the enemy, it’s also necessary to declare a new social vision and at the same time develop political and ideological training of the youth and understanding that only through political and educational training can we assure greater confidence and moving towards the strategic horizon’ say the pressure groups,” reads part of the statement.

The statement further reads, “It is necessary to advance mass struggle and to organize ourselves onto  the streets to gain strength through the accumulation of capital, in the media monopoly and the military apparatus”.

They urged construction of unity among the popular forces, both nationally and internationally without emphasising minor differences to the detriment of unity.

They added that, “we must take advantage of the creative power of the youth, and build innovative tools for the organization of this social sector, through popular mediums of communication, methods of struggle and organisation that reach young people”.


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